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We are, of course, going to tell you we’re good at what we do, but don’t take our word for it; hear what our clients and candidates have to say.

J.C. Technical Author at Manchester based software house

“David has recently helped me to secure a good Technical Author position. His support and attention really bolstered my confidence in my job hunting and proved invaluable in finding me the right job. Few recruiters offer this aspect of empathy and understanding of Technical Authoring. It certainly took the weight off my shoulders during job hunting knowing that David was fighting my corner to find me the best position that matched my skills and personality. Confirmation of the job offer only a day after the interview was fabulous!

The team at Authoring House are appreciative of the skills of the Technical Author and can be relied on to do their utmost in finding you a good position. My advice to other (and prospective) Tech Authors is to go straight to Authoring House when looking for employment and don’t waste time with other recruiters. I am now looking forward to starting my new position, with many thanks to David.”


S.D. Technical Writer at London based software house

“Authoring House placed me in 2012 and were a joy to work with. They are professional and friendly throughout, and always on top of feedback, the interview process, and the client.

Authoring House delivered an outstanding service to me as a candidate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Authoring House to any technical writers looking to make their next move. They know how to run the process, how to get good briefing material for interview, and how to negotiate a good deal for all parties.

I spent six years as a niche recruiter, so my standards are high and I know what constitutes good and bad recruitment process. The employment market is swamped with bad recruiters and shoddy ‘consultancies’, and I’ve seen quite a few of them advertising tech comm. positions. Fortunately, there is a shining light in what to me felt like a dark abyss of mediocrity – that light is Authoring House.”


P. K. Partner at London based software house

“Authoring House has supported me as a candidate for several job opportunities. I have been impressed by their degree of empathy for my situation – which is not usual in my experience with recruitment agencies – and looking out for ways to boost my case with employers..”


P. K. Lead Technical Author at London based Financial software house

“Authoring House has helped me recruit for my current employer and assisted me in finding new roles for myself. I’ve always found her to be an enthusiastic recruiter who is always upfront and honest. I don’t hesitate in recommending her skills..”


A.G. Candidate

“I began searching for a technical writing position fairly late in 2010, having recently graduated with a BSc in astrophysics and with no technical writing experience. I came across David’s website, Authoring House Limited, and submitted my CV. Within a month or two, I had begun work as a technical writer with an international, industry-leading company. It was purely thanks to David that I was even considered for an interview (the company was originally looking for an experienced technical writer, but David has worked with them before and was able to convince them of my potential), and largely down to his specialist advice on my CV and interview technique that I was offered the job.

David is personable and professional, with years of experience in this field. I would recommend him without hesitation.”


S.L. CTO – Internet Solutions Company

“Good technical authors are both undervalued and difficult to come by. This is not helped by the fact that general purpose or IT recruiters don’t really know where they fit in. David specialises in this area and that made finding the right person a lot easier.

When I next need a technical author I will turn to David.”


S.T. Documentation Manager – Large Software House

“David is among the few truly professional providers of technical authoring recruitment services that I have been lucky enough to encounter in 25 years of authoring work. He is thorough and meticulous in his efforts and has not only never referred unsuitable candidates to me, he has also never put me forward for a vacancy I was not suited for.”


D. M. Technical Author at London based telecoms software house

“I am very pleased to recommend Authoring House. I had the opportunity to work with them in 2012 when I was looking for a job as a Technical Author. I found them to be very articulate and helpful. The whole team know the details of the Documentation industry very well and this helps them to place Technical Authors and Documentation specialists. They were very supportive before and after my interview and helped me prepare for my interview as well. The ability to understand my requirements and match them to the appropriate job vacancy was amazing and my consultant was very proactive in solving any queries that I had. Another valuable characteristic is that Authoring House takes pride in their work and will always ensure that they give their all to the cause and are always willing to help. They are very approachable and possess great communication skills and can break down matters in a way that anybody would be able to understand.”


A.S. Junior Technical Author at London based software house

“I was approached by Authoring House for a technical author role that was open for entry level candidates.

The consultant came across as very friendly and willing to help. I confided in her experience and her abilities right away in finding me a suitable role within technical communications/documentation.

She very understanding of my wants and needs, as well as my previous experience. It was her guidance and insight into technical authoring and the recruitment process that gave me the confidence to succeed in acquiring the job.

Two months later, and I am very happy with my new job role. I genuinely feel it’s suited to my skills and attributes, and the benefits are fantastic.
It was a pleasure dealing with such a friendly and professional company. I would highly recommend Authoring House to anyone looking for roles within the documentation sector..”


D.J. Documentation Manager – Multinational – Software House

“I’ve worked with David on and off now for many years. He has both found me jobs and he has recruited for me. In all cases, he did everything I could want from a recruitment specialist: he listened to the brief and stuck to it, he used experience and judgment in filtering positions for myself and candidates for my teams, he was always available to provide help, and he kept me fully informed. I can recommend the depth of his professionalism and the range of his contacts without hesitation. If I ever need to move from my current position, and when I next need to recruit, the first phone number I’ll dial will be David’s.”


P.L. Candidate

“I have worked with David on and off for over 10 years and each time his efforts on my behalf have resulted in a good result for me and it has been a pleasure to be associated with him.”


Candidate and Client – Multinational Telecoms Company

“David hired me into my present employer nearly five years ago and since then continued to provide me and my management team with the benefit of his in-depth experience in hiring specialist technical documentation professionals to meet our own recruiting requirements. David is one of the very few people I’ve met who really does know the business and who always backs that up with genuine effort and commitment to the client.”


L.P. Candidate

“David has placed me in some challenging, interesting and fast-paced assignments. He took the time to get to know me well enough to match my personality and skills to the companies.



M.B. Senior Technical Author – Software – North East

“I’ve worked with many employment agencies over the years, and Authoring House, in my opinion, is one of the best. From the outset, I was struck by how friendly David was; however, what impressed me the most was how closely he studied my CV. David has a wealth of knowledge and experience within Technical Communications, and this enabled him to match my skills and experience with the correct position. He knew which positions would be best for me, and didn’t waste my time in pursuing those that weren’t. The result was impressively quick and accurate, matching me with the type of position I’d been after for some time.

David is constantly working in the background, updating you regularly, and offering guidance and advice when needed. He has a calm, methodical approach. He’s never patronising and strives for the best fit for both employer and employee. When it comes to Technical Communications, for both candidates and clients, Authoring House should be your first port of call. Few agencies specialise in this area, and David and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Highly recommended and simply the Best.

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